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Just Show Up

“Eighty percent of success is showing up” – Woody Allen Is it ever OK for the PM to skip a client meeting? Short answer – never. Longer answer – maybe, if there’s a family emergency or a sudden illness. And … Continue reading

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The (Un)Communication Trap

We’ve all worked with that manager, co-worker, client, (or dated that person) that for some reason doesn’t ever tell you the whole story. Maybe he’s “protecting you” from all the details that he doesn’t think you need to know. Maybe he’s especially forgetful … Continue reading

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Being the PM Means You’re in Charge. Right?

I thought I was in charge at the beginning.  it makes sense, right? You’re the project lead. The person in charge, the “one throat to choke” as they say.  You’re responsible for everything – even things you can’t possibly control – … Continue reading

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