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It’s Not Your Project, It’s the Client’s Project

I used to work with a very wise man who says this all the time. I think it was his way of making it OK to do something that you didn’t think was the right way, or the best way, or … Continue reading

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Being Late and the Damage it Does

Lateness – my own and other people’s – is a pet peeve.  I would rather be an hour early for a meeting and have to sit and wait then take the chance that I’ll get lost and be late. On … Continue reading

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“She Thinks She’s My Only Client”

Of course she does! Even if all logic says otherwise, no client wants to think they’re any less than your first priority.  Of course if you’re managing some giant project, it may be the sole focus of your work. But for … Continue reading

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PM Traps: Over-Optimism and Lack of Self Awareness

Have you ever worked with someone who consistently says she’s going to do something and then doesn’t?  And then you wonder.. Is she just saying she’s going to do it so I’ll go away? . . . Or so the client … Continue reading

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Consistently 5 Minutes Late: OK or Not?

We’ve all been on those conference calls – where you’re listening to hold music and wondering if you got the time wrong while waiting for the leader to show up. If you’re the project manager in charge of starting the call, … Continue reading

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5 PM Best Practices to Implement on Day 1

Getting a project off on the right foot can be a challenge.  There is so much to figure out you can feel like you’re drowning right from the very beginning. These 5 best practices can help – implement them early and they’ll become … Continue reading

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Before You Send: Formatting Checklist for Project Managers

Last week Seth Godin posted this on the “wrapper” – about how the box, the frame, the presentation matters, even if its not the point. Earlier this week I saw a document that was sent to a client with no header, … Continue reading

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