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Excuses vs Apologies

We’ve all been there. Sitting in a room where the client, a project stakeholder, or your boss is questioning you (perhaps in an angry-ish way) about why the project went terribly wrong. It’s uncomfortable, almost unbearable – and the temptation … Continue reading

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Managing Scope Creep Tip #1: Listen…. and Speak Up!

Have you ever been a team member working on a project and you start getting hints that the client is asking for something that wasn’t on the list or is above and beyond what you agreed to do?  If you’re lucky, … Continue reading

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Project Planning: Gantt Chart, Milestones List, or Calendar?

When planning a project there are lots of options for organizing the tasks. When I think about a project plan I automatically think of the traditional gantt chart with the tasks, sub-tasks, resources, and timeline all incorporated within. In a … Continue reading

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Presentation Matters

We all know that how we present ourselves makes a difference – if we show up to a job interview looking wrinkled and flustered it will be harder for the interviewer to believe we’re organized and will be a good fit for the organization … Continue reading

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What’s on the Critical Path in Your 2015?

As usual, I have way too many goals for one year. It always happens this way – I get excited at the possibility of starting over, doing new things, getting rid of unhealthy habits, and accomplishing more than in any previous … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving: A Holiday Wish for Project Managers

For all those project managers out there – here’s hoping that everything you’re cooking today comes out perfectly and all at the same time. That everyone who comes over brings just the right thing (e.g., exactly what you asked for), and that … Continue reading

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PM Tip: Have a Regular Status Meeting

Weekly status meetings are a great PM tool.  They keep the PM in touch with the client and show commitment to the project because the time is reserved, every week, to discuss the project.  The status meetings provide a way to review the project … Continue reading

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It’s Not Your Project, It’s the Client’s Project

I used to work with a very wise man who says this all the time. I think it was his way of making it OK to do something that you didn’t think was the right way, or the best way, or … Continue reading

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Being Late and the Damage it Does

Lateness – my own and other people’s – is a pet peeve.  I would rather be an hour early for a meeting and have to sit and wait then take the chance that I’ll get lost and be late. On … Continue reading

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“She Thinks She’s My Only Client”

Of course she does! Even if all logic says otherwise, no client wants to think they’re any less than your first priority.  Of course if you’re managing some giant project, it may be the sole focus of your work. But for … Continue reading

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