What’s on the Critical Path in Your 2015?

As usual, I have way too many goals for one year. It always happens this way – I get excited at the possibility of starting over, doing new things, getting rid of unhealthy habits, and accomplishing more than in any previous year.  Like many people, I usually run out of time or  motivation before the year is up.  So this year I’m trying something new – I’m  looking at the possibilities as I would look at a project plan, and putting the most important (and most “foundational”) goals on the critical path. Since I’m prioritizing “health” first, the first critical task on the path is “get more sleep” – at least 7 hours a night.  Once I’m doing that consistently I’ll add others. Contrary to the popular belief that a new habit can be formed in 21 days, research presented by James Clear on the Huffington Post says it can take much longer – from 2 to 8 months – and it varies widely according to the habit and the person.  I figure I’m a fast habit-former so I’ll give myself 2 months on this first task and start the next critical path task in March.  Of course there are concurrent tasks too – like writing more consistently, staying in touch with friends, spending more quality time with the kids, and getting more exercise.  I think I’ll be better at all those if I can get more sleep.  Only time will tell, but I have high hopes for the critical path method of new year’s resolution management.

Of all the goals you’d like to accomplish this year – which would you put on the critical path?

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