Being Late and the Damage it Does

Lateness – my own and other people’s – is a pet peeve.  I would rather be an hour early for a meeting and have to sit and wait then take the chance that I’ll get lost and be late. On the rare occasion that something happens to make me late it drives me crazy. As soon as I know there’s a chance I might be late I’m contingency planning – contacting people to start the meeting without me or getting a dial in set up so I can join from the car for the first 5 minutes.

But being late seems to be the norm for some people. Its like they don’t notice, don’t care, or assume its normal to be late.  Even some project managers seem to suffer from the chronic lateness disease and frankly, I don’t understand how they still have jobs.  It’s disrespectful.  And its mighty hard to lead a successful project if you’re disrespectful to your client and your team.

Check out this post by Greg Savage, founder of multiple recruitment companies in Australia and keynote speaker worldwide. Sums it up completely in a way I could never type myself.

You go Greg Savage.

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